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Radwave allows you to interactively explore the spectrum.

Pause and go back through time.

Zoom and pan in frequency and time.

Tag and share.

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Nick Richárd


I’m a DSP and image processing engineer, and I love making data tangible, sifting through it, and pulling out the hidden gems buried within it.

That’s my goal with Radwave. To create a tool that simplifies exploring the RF spectrum, making it as easy as possible to find - and share - all the best nuggets.

Despite being a stutterer, I've always enjoyed teaching engineering, math and physics. I'm very excited to continue doing so with Radwave. Be sure to subscribe to Radwave's YouTube Channel to learn about the latest features and how to use them to explore the world around you.

Your feedback is endlessly appreciated, so please feel free to provide it early and often. Reach out via Twitter @radwaverf, email, or any other convenient method.

Feel free to find me on LinkedIn.